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CPD 2This is your opportunity to learn one of the world’s leading designers of biodiesel technology for highly efficient processing of waste feedstocks as diverse as used cooking oil, waste animal fats, and grease trap waste. Even feedstocks with a very high content of free fatty acids, which are traditionally difficult to process without adverse impacts on yield, can be processed.

If you want to know more, join us to find out about how ASB is ready to meet Hong Kong's need for clean transport fuel today.

This event has limited places and is on a first come first served basis.  Please book your place by completing the reply slip and email it to gracetsang@vtc.edu.hk by 23 July.

Date: Friday 01 August 2014
Venue: ASB Biodiesel
Fee: Members - £0.00 per person
  Non-members - £0.00 per person
or call us on +44 (0) 1780 756777.
Booking ends on Wednesday 30 July 2014

CPD 2With businesses needing to transform their operating models like never before, there is an intense focus on how to make outsourcing, managed services, insourcing and shared services work. Along with IT as a service (e.g. cloud computing), we are told that B2B services from Business Process and IT outsourcing and managed services to management consulting are commoditising, but what does that mean?

How wary should we be of commoditisation, given the problems which organisations continue to experience in acquiring and embedding B2B services and delivering value from them?

What do the trends and emerging new practices in businesses transformation tell us?

What role can the procurement function play?

Our speaker Duncan Hare, MD, XMCS, was PwC’s Global Lead for Programme, Project and Portfolio Management and an external Senior Executive Advisor to the UK Cabinet Office on commercial interventions and major programmes.  He has led, turned around or reviewed a number of high profile programmes from the world’s largest Oracle implementation to major transformation programmes to Wembley stadium. 

Duncan will aim to answer these questions by examining the three pre-requisites for commoditisation he will make clear why and how commodity services are the norm in the construction industry and yet we have such trouble in acquiring and integrating IT and BPO services and why management consultancy often doesn’t help.

Date: Thursday 07 August 2014
Venue: Holiday Inn Shepperton
Fee: Members - £0.00 per person
  Non-members - £0.00 per person
or call us on 0845 880 1188
Booking ends on Tuesday 05 August 2014

CPD 2The introduction of the Social Value Act in 2012 created a range of new opportunities for organisations to demonstrate how they are different to similar organisations who deliver similar products and services. The creation and demonstrate of value within an organisation can act as a method of demonstrating of your own unique selling points and define your direct, indirect and wider benefits of your organisation.

Developing your knowledge and understanding of how Social Value can:

  • Play a part in the development and procurement of services for any organisation, 
  • Assist in the demonstration of value for money and engagement with a local Social value chain, 
  • Focus on how Social Value can help decision making and provide transparency, legitimacy and trust in clients, local community and wider stakeholders.
Date: Thursday 28 August 2014
Venue: Novotel Liverpool Centre
Fee: Members - £0.00 per person
  Non-members - £0.00 per person
or call us on 0845 880 1188
Booking ends on Tuesday 26 August 2014

The Swiss branch of CIPS invites you to its fourth event of 2014.  
‘Buying Services – Final Frontiers’, will reveal exciting developments in purchasing Marketing, Consultancy and Professional services. 
Three outstanding speakers will share surprising insights.  Following discussion, there will be drinks and snacks, and plenty of opportunity for networking.
Please join us for an exciting evening of discovery.  

Date: Tuesday 09 September 2014
Venue: Honeywell Life Safety Distribution AG
Address: ZURICH
Fee: Members - £0.00 per person
  Non-members - £20.00 per person
or call us on
Booking ends on Sunday 07 September 2014

CPD 2Crimson & Co and the University of Manchester will be sharing the results of their recent research on organisational transformation, more specifically on how much does organisational design hold the key to embedding change. Matt York, the leader of the joint research project will be providing the insight and facilitating the debate.

The research evaluated success and failure when implementing organisational change to establish what really makes a difference. With all organisations undergoing regular change the evening will provide some useful tools to increase success, which can be implemented on many levels. The event will be hosted by Sheffield Brewery who will offer delegates that chance to sample their products during the evening. Food will also be provided.

Date: Thursday 18 September 2014
Venue: Sheffield Brewery Co Ltd
Fee: Members - £0.00 per person
  Non-members - £0.00 per person
or call us on 0845 880 1188
Booking ends on Tuesday 16 September 2014