The State of Social Procurement in Australia and New Zealand

The State of Social Procurement in Australia & New Zealand 2021 report is the first in-depth analysis of the breadth and scope of social procurement in Australia and New Zealand conducted by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Swinburne, in partnership with IPA Personnel, The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), Social Traders and Ākina Foundation.

Social procurement is the conscious commitment to generate social value outcomes amongst local communities and economies and to benefit the environment and disadvantaged groups through the purchase of goods and services by organisations.

A brief introduction

The State of Social Procurement in Australia and New Zealand 2021

Sharon Morris, General Manager of CIPS ANZ, sets the scene and introduces the report.

This study allows us to understand the opportunities and address the challenges of social procurement by working together to share knowledge, drive innovation, and ultimately equip procurement and supply chain professionals with the right tool to drive social impact.

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What does the report show?

●   The sectors where social procurement is active and growing across the ANZ region
●   Where spending targets and impact goals are measured, and where improvements can be made
●   The most common impacts of social procurement such as inclusion and diversity at local and regional level
●   The major drivers of change such as legislation or reputation management
●   The challenges faced by organisations both internally and externally to implement social procurement strategies
●   Whether recent world events had increased or decreased commitment to social procurement goals


Here are some key findings from the State of Social Procurement in Australia and New Zealand 2021 report




key challenge

Pandemic impact

impact of covid19

Looking ahead

future look

Why social procurement?

The drive to social procurement strategies in organisations and businesses is varied and depending on the sector and size of the organisation but the good news is – it is gaining traction. Consumer-driven ethical choices, organisational ambition to improve reputation and policy decisions, state and federal government-sponsored regulation inevitably means more is on its way and organisations and businesses should be prepared.


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A useful tool when building your social procurement strategy

Procurement professionals can play a significant role in creating social value for local communities, the environment and minority groups through the adoption of targeted strategies and by supporting the development of diverse suppliers within their supply chains. This aspiration is best placed in the hands of skilled and trained professionals who can incorporate social outcome goals into procurement strategies and operations, seamlessly and with the most impact on the communities they want to help.

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The State of Social Procurement in ANZ report

What next?

The report finds positive sentiment for social procurement across sectors, with participating organisations largely predicting social procurement will grow in significance into the future. Here are some considerations to be mindful of whether you are starting or continuing your social procurement journey.

  1. More work needs to be done to set specific targets and areas of impact; this will enable greater focus on social procurement plans and allow tracking of outcomes
  2. Both organisations and their suppliers should place more emphasis in measuring the real impact of their activities
  3. Organisations should invest in developing and training their procurement staff to ensure adequate knowledge and expertise are at the foundation of social procurement strategies
  4. Government(s), private sector and intermediaries should work together to support the development of ‘for benefit’ suppliers – in respect to both capability and capacity
  5. Greater awareness will support better understanding of social procurement opportunities, expectations and requirements
This report has been produced based a study conducted by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Swinburne. Read the full CSI study. 

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