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Corporate Ethical Procurement and Supply

Integrity, commitment and responsibility

Increasingly, organisations are coming under pressure in the media and from their customers to operate within strict guidelines in terms of their supply chain management, improving ethical principles and driving out any potential malpractices.

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CIPS has identified a pathway consisting of four essential steps to ensure your organisation is fully compliant with these guidelines.

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You can help to protect your organisation from unethical practices by taking these four simple steps:

  1. Compare the CIPS Corporate Code of Ethics with your existing corporate code and amend your code if there are any omissions. Adopt the CIPS Code if your organisation does not already have one.

  2. Train staff in ethical procurement. Identify all staff responsible for sourcing, supplier selection or supplier management and contact us to get licences to CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply E-learning.  

  3. Contact us to request the CIPS Statement of Commitment. Sign and return it to us and you’ll receive, for one year:

    - A CIPS Corporate Ethics logo. You can use this logo on your company’s website, internal communications, brochures, business cards and email footers to signal to suppliers, customers and stakeholders that you have adopted ethical values in the way you source and manage suppliers, that you are committed to accountability and self governance, and that your staff are trained in ethical sourcing and supplier management. See the Corporate Ethics Mark Usage Guide for more information on how you can use the logo.

    - A global listing recognising your achievement. Your organisation will also be recognised with a listing on the CIPS Corporate Ethical Register, published on this webpage.

  4. Repeat each of these steps annually to retain your organisation's understanding and commitment to ethical procurement supply as well as your logo and online listing.


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Recognition: Achieve public recognition from CIPS via an internationally published listing on the CIPS Corporate Ethical Register and a CIPS Corporate Ethics mark which you can use in your own literature. This demonstrates to suppliers, customers, potential employees and other stakeholders that your organisation is committed to training your staff in ethical sourcing and that you have adopted ethical values in the way you source and manage your suppliers.

Reputation: Strengthen your reputation by publicly demonstrating your commitment to ethical procurement and supply practices.

Understanding: Demonstrate respect and awareness of international standards against criminal conduct, including bribery, corruption, fraud and, with support from the Walk Free Foundation, human rights abuse.

Safeguard: Help to protect your organisation from any potential supply chain malpractice.

Reduce financial risk: Defend your organisation against fraud. A survey of 1,200 executives worldwide established that companies lost an average of 2.1% of their earnings due to fraud over one year. 20% of these suffered from vendor, supplier and procurement fraud, with 19% suffering from corruption and bribery. Source: Kroll’s 2011/2012 Global Fraud Report

Boost morale: Increase employee confidence through the knowledge they are conducting their work in a consistently ethical manner.


How can my organisation achieve the Corporate Ethics mark and get listed on the register?

You will need to be able to demonstrate that your organisation is committed to ethical procurement and you can do this by following the 4-step process as outlined on this web page.   

What is the CIPS Corporate Code of Conduct?

Find out more.

We have our own corporate code, are you asking us to adopt the CIPS Corporate Code instead in order to meet the requirements for the CIPS Corporate Ethics mark?

No; we recognise that many organisations will have their own corporate code which meets the specific needs of their sector and sphere of operation. However, the CIPS Corporate Code of Ethics is based on a set of key principles we believe are the essential foundation for ethical procurement in any organisation. If your organisation has its own code of conduct you will be asked to self-certify that it includes all the key principles of the CIPS Code. We recognise that these principles will be expressed differently but we ask you to state that there are no significant omissions.  If there are, you will need to amend your own code to bring it into alignment in order to achieve the ethics mark. 

It is a good opportunity, in any case, to review your corporate code against these principles since ethical codes evolve as society changes and you need to ensure your code remains relevant and robust.

How do we determine who needs to do the ethics e-learning and test?

We ask that 100% of staff with responsibility for sourcing, supplier selection and supplier management undertake CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply E-learning and successfully complete the accompanying test.

A good way to determine who on your staff this applies to is to get them to ask the question…

“Could a supplier influence me to give them more work, change a specification, create a need, turn a blind eye to performance issues, not look at the market etc?”

If they answer yes, then they are involved in supplier management, sourcing decisions and supplier selection and must do the e-learning and test. 

Our organisation already has external recognition for our focus on ethics.  Why should we achieve the CIPS Corporate Ethics mark?

CIPS Corporate Ethical Procurement and Supply focusses specifically on helping organisations to safeguard against unethical selection and supplier management.  By achieving the CIPS Corporate Ethics mark and listing on the CIPS Ethical Register, not only will you be helping to safeguard against unethical supplier selection and supply management, you’ll also gain recognition for your understanding of and commitment to ethical sourcing and supplier management.

How can we use the mark?

You will be able to show the CIPS Corporate Ethics mark on your corporate literature and website, as long as your organisation continues to fulfil the criteria for retaining the mark and your listing on the register. Use of the mark endorses to your organisation’s key stakeholders your commitment to ethical sourcing, supplier selection and supplier management.

How do we retain the mark and our listing on the register?

You will need to renew your organisation’s commitment to ethical procurement on an annual basis, continue to work to the principles of the CIPS Corporate Code of Ethics and meet the requirement for ongoing staff training.

Can the CIPS Corporate Ethics mark be taken away?

Yes; organisations that fail to renew their commitment to ethical procurement or are successfully prosecuted for procurement malpractice will lose their mark and be removed from the register. 

Ethical Register

The organisationsCorporate Ethics Mark listed on this CIPS Corporate Ethical Register have taken proactive steps, in the last 12 months, to safeguard against unethical conduct in procurement and supply management.

Organisations listed:

  • ensure their staff who select and manage suppliers are trained in ethical sourcing and supplier management
  • adopt ethical values in how they source and manage suppliers


All have signed a Statement of Commitment to ethical sourcing and the management of their suppliers and are entitled to display the CIPS Corporate Ethics mark.

      Date of Registration
  Expiry Date
  Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank         03/10/2017    03/10/2018
  Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture         21/08/2017    21/08/2018
  AFE         17/07/2017    07/07/2018
  An Roinn Airgeadais         11/10/2017    11/10/2018
  Cambridge Precision Ltd
  02/11/2017    02/11/2018
  Chilli Promotions         10/07/2017    10/07/2018
  CIPS         16/05/2018    16/05/2019
  CPO of the Cayman Islands Government
        03/05/2018    02/05/2019
  DAS         29/01/2018    29/01/2019
  Erste Group Procurement
        01/04/2018    01/04/2019
  FCO Services         21/06/2018    21/06/2019
  Forth Ports Ltd         01/05/2018    30/04/2019
  Greenzone Cleaning and Support Services         14/03/2018    14/03/2019
  John Graham Construction Ltd – Civil Engineering         27/06/2018   27/06/2019
  JR Connections         10/04/2018    09/04/2019
  John Lewis         20/11/2017    20/11/2018
  Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd         20/11/2017    20/11/2018
  NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit         01/05/2018    30/04/2019
  Northumbrian Water         17/05/2018    17/05/2019
  Ramsay Todd Consultancy         03/05/2018    02/05/2019
  SA Powernetworks         12/12/2017    11/12/2018
  Safran Nacelles         31/10/2017    31/10/2018
  Servest Group Ltd         28/11/2017    28/11/2018
  UK Power Networks         31/03/2018    01/04/2019
  United Utilities         05/07/2017    05/07/2018
  University of Bristol         29/05/2018    29/05/2019
  Woodgroup Ltd (Eastern Region)         21/08/2017    21/08/2018
  Yorkshire Ambulance Services         07/11/2017    07/11/2018
  Yorkshire and Humber Police Forces    
  11/04/2018    11/04/2019

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