Success for Chevron graduates

The graduates took seven face-to-face modules and completed four key assignments plus a capstone project tailored to support Chevron’s procurement strategy. An example project focused on optimising procurement arrangements for Chevron’s fleet category.

CIPS Australasia director of finance Hal Hiramatsu, said: “I was impressed not only by the high standard of the presentations but also by the quality of the projects and by the fact that in each case their value-add to the organisation was acknowledged, conclusion accepted, recommendations being given careful consideration and, in all cases, implementation, to some degree or another, had commenced.”

Chevron SCM business manager Elena Berdenikova said: “The CIPS Corporate Award programme was an excellent opportunity for bringing improvements to our procurement function. The programme, and its participants, added value in an operational and strategic level.”

Originally published in SM Magazine March 2014

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