ROSMA℠ Performance Check

Evaluate your organisation's procurement performance with ROSMA Performance Check - a service that can be used annually to assess the value procurement delivers.

According to the ROSMA℠ Performance Check Report 2016: What Good Looks Like, the procurement profession has a top-tier group of standout performers, a middle-tier that is delivering value, but performing well below the top tier, and a large group of bottom-quartile performers that add limited value to their organizations. 

If you want to improve performance then you need to measure it.  The complimentary and confidential ROSMA℠ Performance Check is now open. We invite you to take part.

Applicable to all public and private sector organisations, the ROSMA℠ Performance Check - a complimentary and confidential financial performance measure developed by A.T. Kearney in conjunction with CIPS and ISM (Institute for Supply Management) that gives you:

  • The ability to measure and explain procurement and supply’s value in terms your CFO and CEO will understand, using a common financial standard
  • Clearer visibility into how well your activities and investments perform in delivering hard financial results
  • An annual benchmark measuring your procurement’s financial performance against that of industry leaders and followers
  • Access to a free annual report highlighting aggregate findings


    The ROSMA℠ Performance Check can be taken by various supply management organisation levels (for example, enterprise, divisions, and business units).

    To complete the questionnaire, you will need to have data on hand that includes:

    • annual revenue and net income
    • total spend
    • percent of procurement-influenced spend
    • estimated hard and soft savings
    • benefits information and characteristics relating to your procurement group.

    In this free podcast, find out how you can use ROSMA℠ to immediately calculate the return on you supply management assets.

    Take a look at this free webinar about procurement performance measurement, and how procurement leaders are adopting the language of finance to communicate the value being delivered into their organisations.


    ROSMA℠ stands for Return on Supply Management Assets. The ROSMA℠ Performance Check is a complimentary online questionnaire created using a return on investment model for the procurement and supply management community. It marries procurement-related activities with proven financial standards and principles to help procurement document, track, and compare its efforts annually.

    Upon completing a short online survey, you will receive a customised feedback report that assesses your organisation’s procurement financial performance, compares it against that of your industry, and highlights improvement opportunities. Additionally, you will receive a ROSMA℠ score, a unique feature that can be used as a standardised indicator of performance productivity over time.

    CIPS can work with you to identify programs targeted at improving developmental areas highlighted in your feedback report.


    You will receive a customised feedback report that includes a unique ROSMA℠ score comparing your procurement performance against other organisations. You will also have access to an annual report highlighting the current state of the industry with sector- and market-related performances. Your procurement team will have a quantifiable means to gain credibility and increase your profile as a strategic business partner.

    • Build status: Articulate procurement’s financial contributions consistently and facilitate constructive conversations with CFOs and senior management 
    • Generate value: Identify priorities and steer your team closer to a results-driven mindset and leadership model
    • Compare performance: Compare your procurement’s financial performance worldwide, annually
    • Drive performance: Recognise improvement areas to advance performance    

    Rigour of ROSMA℠

    ROSMA℠ is a performance measurement that helps the procurement profession and executives fully understand supply management’s financial impact and the key drivers steering financial performance. Developed with leading CPOs and CFOs using classic financial frameworks similar to DuPont 1920’s ROA and ROE investment performance measures and shareholder value methods such as economic value added, it is procurement and supply’s return on investment model.

    The ROSMA℠ metric indicates the overall financial productivity of your supply management assets (people, technology, and other identifiable investments). This metric captures both conventional hard savings and the tangible value created from advance practices, supplier innovation, and financial reengineering of the supply chain. With it, you can document, track, and compare efforts annually and with industry followers and leaders, gaining clarity into the areas that are positively or negatively impacting your procurement organisation’s operations. As a result, ROSMA℠ becomes a vital part of your organisation’s balanced scorecard.


    Visit A.T. Kearney’s ROSMA℠ information page for more information on ROSMA℠.


    For more information on how to use the feedback from ROSMA℠ Performance Check to improve your procurement team, contact us at or complete an online form and we'll get back to you.

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