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As the world’s largest professional body representing the purchasing and supply management profession we are often invited to provide input into consultations. This input influences decisions being made that could impact the profession as a whole.

CIPS members and non-members are welcome to comment.

Current consultations

Consultation responses

NIGP and CIPS Consultations - New paper on specifications Green Paper on EU Directives Reform
   Modernising EU public procurement rules 
   WEF Supply Chain and Transport Risk Survey

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing and CIPS Consultations

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) and US organisation the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) are working in partnership to develop their work for public sector procurement and the public good. The partnership will combine expertise and credibility to bring best practice and professionalism to public sector groups all over the world.

The partnership will result in specific tools, processes and guidance for use in public procurement organisations and may include organisation assessments and people development training programmes. The Maturity Framework will be designed as an enabler to raise standards in not just people development, but also in benchmarking organisational development, process development and policy setting. The results will change the way in which organisations and people work, emphasizing a continuous improvement methodology that results in tangible and measurable benefits. Find out what CIPS and NIGP CEOs David Noble and Rick Grimm have to say about the partnership.

Work is now underway to provide a series of Principles and Practices for Public Procurement, and we, along with NIGP, invite our members to participate in the public consultation for all future development work for this project. Finalised documents will be published and freely available to all members so make sure your opinion and that of your organisation are considered.

Available now for consultation

Our paper on Specifications is now available for your comments.   We hope that you will take the time to log on to the site this month and provide your comments on the proposed practices by 8th May. Click here to contribute.

We look forward to receiving your contributions and feedback. 


Previous consultation responses

Modernising EU public procurement rules

CIPS responded to the Procurement Policy Information Note 05/11 issued by the Cabinet Office on 10 August 2011.

Click here to download a copy of our response.


Green Paper on EU Directives Reform

CIPS has submitted a response to the EU Green Paper on the Modernisation of EU public procurement policy to the EU Commission. You can now see that response and covering letter by David Noble, our CEO, on the link below. 

WEF Supply Chain and Transport Risk Survey

CIPS has helped develop the World Economic Forum’s Supply Chain and Transport Risk Initiative and we would welcome your input. The WEF have created a survey to explore the most critical systemic threats facing supply chain and transport networks today, and to apply new risk response tools that can promote efficient risk management, security and resilience in the global commercial environment.
Be part of the discussions by sharing your experiences of global supply chain and completing a quick online questionnaire. 

UK NFA Procurement Fraud Survey 2011

It is estimated that fraud, including procurement fraud, costs the UK more than £38 billion a year. The National Fraud Authority (NFA), an executive agency of the Home Office, works to make fraud more difficult to commit in and against the UK.