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Any CIPS member is welcome to attend any of our events, the details of which are publicised on these pages and in Supply Management – members who are registered, with Easton House, as members of the Central London Branch, will also benefit from e-mail notification of forthcoming events.

Our aim is to support and challenge our members to enhance their contribution:  

  • to their businesses
  • to their profession
  • to the overall performance of the economy
  • to their own career
  • through organising events that consistently deliver “added value”.

To achieve this aim, we have established two, non-exclusive streams, both of which focus upon delivering informative, dynamic and challenging presentations. These are free, to all CIPS members and our events are designed to facilitate the networking opportunities that are so vital to maximising the benefits for all.

Our Practitioner Stream seeks to provide three events a year, featuring high profile speakers, from both public and private sectors, addressing significant current topics.

We do not use a single venue for these events, but the Branch does value the relationship it has with the Cass Business School, that has allowed us to put on events there, and provide the opportunity for Cass MBA students to be exposed to the challenges of the supply-chain.

Increasing the awareness of the importance of the supply-chain, and the existence of CIPS (a body dedicated to promoting excellence in the field) to future generations of business leaders can only enhance the stature of the profession, for the future.

Our Educational Stream seeks to work with the academic institutions providing CIPS qualification courses, within the capital, to provide practical assistance to enrich the delivery of the courses and to promote the attractions of a career in Purchasing and Supply, as well as raising the profile of CIPS.

In conjunction with senior Faculty members, at London Metropolitan University, a questionnaire is being distributed to the 430 CIPS-registered students, enrolled at LMU, to increase our understanding of what the Branch may do to “add value” to their learning and careers.

We are also looking to identify Branch members, who would be willing to give up some of their time, to act, on an occasional basis, as “visiting lecturers”, supplementing the course materials with personal experience, expertise and insight. If you would be prepared to participate, and “give something back”, please contact us and let us know.

To take these activities forward, the Branch has regular Committee meetings, held on the first Monday of the month. These meetings are open to all members, although, due to security considerations, prior arrangement is required. If you would like to attend, whether to see what we do, or to undertake an active role, please contact us and let us know.

We are very conscious that the majority of our members commute into the city and seek to plan our activities accordingly. For example, our meetings usually start by 17:30, to ensure a suitably early finish. This also provides the opportunity for the members of other CIPS branches, who may be in London, for other purposes, to join us.

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Branch Chair: Mr Graham Collins

Tel: 01780 756 777

E-mail: london@cipsbranch.org