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CIPS Database/Systems

  1. CIPS systems are protected by 'individual user passwords'
  2. CIPS systems have the functionality to enable us to track system use by user
  3. CIPS systems have the functionality to restrict access - users therefore only have access to data that enables them to carry out their job
  4. CIPS systems are protected by anti-virus software to minimise the possibility of data corruption
  5. CIPS systems providers are contractually bound to keep data secure at all times
  6. CIPS systems have the functionality to allow Data Subjects to restrict processing of information
  7. Staff training is undertaken regularly and checks are made by IT staff to ensure data quality is maintained

CIPS processes

  1. All CIPS employees are contractually bound to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 in principle, and CIPS Code of Practice specifically
  2. Requests by a Data Subject for release of data must be received in writing and proof of identity will be sought prior to any release of data. No charge is made for this service, but CIPS reserves the right to charge should compliance with the request require excessive time or cost to the Institute. Prior notice of any charge would be given to the Data Subject
  3. All Agents and Suppliers used by the Institute to conduct CIPS business (including specially negotiated member benefits) are contractually bound to use the data only for the agreed purpose and to return or destroy any unused information
  4. Any requests for third-party mailings (ie. not related directly to a CIPS service or product but considered by the Institute to be of benefit to our Members) will normally be handled by Easton House staff. In the event that contact details are released this will be under a specific data protection agreement for a one-off occasion, closely monitored by CIPS staff.

CIPS contacts

  1. Members of the Customer Services Team at Easton House will be happy to discuss specific Data Protection issues with you if you are a member of CIPS - 01780 756777
  2. Non-members of CIPS whose data is held on the CIPS systems should contact Margaret West-Burnham, Company Secretary, or  Mark Robinson, ICT Manager with any queries or concerns – 01780 756777.
  3. Alternatively if you feel your enquiry is not receiving the appropriate attention any member of the CIPS Key Leadership Team can address any concerns you may have regarding the application of the Act - 01780 756777.