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CIPS Data Protection and Management

How to update your information
To update your personal information please login to your My CIPS area and update your profile.

To opt out of the professional register

Not a CIPS member? Contact our CIPS Helpdesk at helpdesk@cips.org.

Data Protection Individual Rights Request
If you require yo make a request pleas email our Data Protection team: dataprotection@cips.org 

If you have a specific complaint about use of your data or cause to believe there has been a breach to your personal data held by CIPS please email details to: dataprotection@cips.org. Find out more information about your rights.

How to opt out/in and change your preferences
CIPS are currently developing a new preference centre to make this easier for you to change the way we send information for you. You can continue to unsubscribe to communications by clicking the footer at the bottom of emails. If you ahve opted in/out and wish to chnage preferences please contact CIPS Helpdesk at helpdpesk@cips.org.

General information about CIPS data protection procedures

  1. Privacy Statement
  2. General Terms and Conditions
  3. General information about the current data protection act
  4. CIPS Data Protection Policy