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It's an even better deal

It's an even better deal
Steele, Murphy and Russill

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How well we 'do' negotiation doesn't depend on inborn gifts to any great extent - negotiation is a skill that can be learned and practiced, if not ever quite perfected.

The Original It's a Deal was largely aimed at buyers because salespeople tend to receive training in negotiation - buyers by and large less so. This new edition isn't intended solely for buyers, however. Although it is largely couched in the language Purchasing, there are many insights and pieces of advice which salespeople and those involved in contract management, outsourcing etc., could also read with advantage.

Increasingly in business, people have to be both buyers and sellers. Before a purchasing manager gets to negotiate the big deal, he or she may already have had to negotiate internally - to secure project approval, finance and so on. So the buyer, in that instance is the seller.


Part One

Chapter 1: Setting the Scene
Chapter 2: Negotiating Styles
Chapter 3: The Power of Planning
Chapter 4: The Opening and Conditioning
Chapter 5: Assumptions and Questions
Chapter 6: Concluding the Deal and analysing the Process

Part Two

Chapter 7: Know the Rules
Chapter 8: What Relationship?
Chapter 9: Planning and Preparation
Chapter 10: From the Opening to the End of the Road
Chapter 11: Tactics and Ploys
Chapter 12: Negotiating across the Globe
Chapter 13: Practical Cases and Dilemmas - Testing your Knowledge
Chapter 14: Checklist to Success
Chapter 15: Cue Cards Aide Memoir

Book Detail

ISBN: 9780077124878
Number of Pages: 135
Category: Business Books , Negotiation