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Model form of contract for the hire of computer staff

Model form of contract for the hire of computer staff
CIPS Publication

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CIPS Model Form of Conditions of Contract with guidance notes

Available in PDF format to ensure speed of delivery to the customer. Please ensure that your email address is correct – the document will be sent to you by email once payment has been received.

Designed for impartial use by sellers and buyers they provide a contractual basis upon which the customer can purchase his requirements and the contractor supply them.

Single usage models protected by copyright

As with any set of conditions, it is necessary both to understand the intention of the conditions and to apply them in their proper context. For this reason, these Notes for Guidance are issued to buyers as an aid when using the Model Conditions but it must be understood that they do not form part of, or legally interpret the Conditions in any way.

The Model Conditions aim to achieve a middle ground between buyer and seller being biased in favour of neither.

Some buyers or sellers will prefer to have their own conditions drafted which are in their favour to a much greater extent.

It is stressed that these are Model Conditions and can be added to or amended to suit the requirements of particular contracts by agreement between the parties concerned.

However, in order to secure the advantages of uniformity, it is recommended that such alterations be kept to a minimum.

Hire of Computer Staff
1 Definitions
2 Contractor`s Responsibilities
3 Customer`s Responsibilities
4 Charges and Payment
5 Indemnity and Insurance
6 Ownership and Rights
7 Removal and Replacement of Staff
8 Statutory Regulations
9 Confidentiality, Data Protection and Publicity
10 Tax and Indemnity
11 Period and Termination
12 Variations
13 Assignment
14 Waiver
15 Force Majeure
16 Offers of Employment
17 Notices
18 No Third Party Rights
19 Expert Determination
20 Dispute Resolution
21 Law

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Publication Date: Thursday, August 01, 2002
Category: Model Forms of Contract