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The sustainable procurement guide

The sustainable procurement guide
Cathy Berry

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About the book


The Sustainable Procurement Guide was written to help procurement management and personnel to meet the challenges of sustainability. The book gives clear, practical advice on how to approach sustainable development and procurement issues, and implement these best-practice ideas in organisations and enterprises. It contains a number of case studies, highlighting a range of solutions to problems organisations are faced with every day – including economic development, environmental management, purchasing, conditions of employment, contracts and tenders. With an armoury of useful templates and handy examples, this guide is also a valuable starting point when it comes to developing polices and processes to meet specific business requirements.


How does it work?


Based on the principles of BS 8903, this book is an essential, practical guide to help all procurement professionals reach true sustainability in their everyday tasks. It starts by introducing sustainability in a wider context, before looking at sustainable procurement and its principles. After giving a detailed overview of BS 8903, it looks at how sustainability can be achieved across the entire supply chain. Other subjects include tools, techniques and skills, as well as recommendations of standards, codes of practice and auditing that can be used to promote sustainable outcomes.

Book Detail

Publication Date: Monday, February 07, 2011
ISBN: 9780580698613
Number of Pages: 200
Category: Purchasing
Edition: 1st