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Continuing Professional Development

It is time to invest in your professional journey

CPD 30Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is recognised as good practice for all types of professionals. Being a CIPS member demonstrates a commitment to the profession but additional CPD evidences that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

We have a strong interest in your professional growth.  We’ve listened to your feedback about providing credibility and recognition for your CPD. As a result we are launching a new CPD initiative which will pave the way to Chartered Professional status making it accessible for more MCIPS and FCIPS members

Download CIPS CPD Guidance 

Taking part in CPD activities doesn’t have to be expensive

Updating skills and knowledge doesn’t have to be expensive. We define CPD as any learning which is relevant to your role and addresses a personal development need.  It is a way in which many other professions maintain and update their knowledge and skills after they have achieved Chartered Professional Status.

It’s highly likely that many professionals are already participating in learning activities which contribute towards ongoing professional development without realising it. Almost everything that improves and updates knowledge and skills is considered CPD and anything you already do can be recognised by CIPS.

How many CPD hours are required each year?

We recommend you undertake at least 30 CPD hours every 12 months in order to keep up-to-date using a range of activities which qualify. For guidance calculating CPD hours please see CIPS guidance 2018.

Recording CPD

We are not prescriptive about the format of your CPD record. You could set your own manual record, use your employer’s appraisal system or you may use the CIPS online CPD tool, available through My Learning Academy, in MyCIPS.

Take a look at the supporting materials in the CPD guidance 2018 which include a CPD template  with examples.

Whichever way you record the activity you should retain supporting evidence that you undertook it. In addition, best practice directs you to make a learning statement for each activity reflecting on how the activities have contributed to your professional development.

Self-declaration and auditing CIPS CPD for Chartered Status

To apply for and retain Chartered Status recognition, MCIPS and FCIPS members can self-declare their CPD commitment and activity. No further records are required as we hold member information on all the components for Chartered Status, only the CPD element will be audited.

Audits will be randomly sampled in line with CIPS CPD auditing process for Chartered Status. It should be noted that if your CPD is requested for audit you are expected to be able to provide your CPD record with supporting evidence. 

View CIPS CPD Audit Policy


CPD Policies and Guidance