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Develop essential procurement skills and knowledge with a CIPS Academy - customised training programme for large-scale procurement and supply teams.

CIPS Academies are tailormade to focus on learning that is directly relevant to your organisation, creating consistency in skills and capability, and an ethos of continuous improvement and development. Academies also support you to reduce supply chain risk and deliver service improvements, measurable cost benefits and return on investment.


We work closely with you to understand your global procurement and supply chain people development needs, carrying out a thorough assessment of your practitioners in their roles. We then create specific, tailored learning programmes designed to fit the skills levels you need your staff to achieve, no matter where in the world they are based.

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At the core of each CIPS Corporate Academy are our inspiring, award-winning e-learning modules. These are combined with skills training courses, live webinars and tutorials, both in person and online, delivered by experts in your industry. This is supported by an online library with thousands of relevant articles and business research tools that are regularly updated. 

We also offer a management reporting system which allows you to monitor employee progression through the CIPS Corporate Academy, along with a dedicated programme manager for all your team members.

All of this is designed to deliver recognised global qualifications that will help you attract and retain high performers, create a culture of continuous improvement, give you better leverage in your supply chain and improve workplace performance.

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For organisations

Scale: A global people development programme unrestricted by geographical boundaries or learning methods

Risk reduction: CIPS Corporate Academy helps global organisations significantly reduce risk through a consistent approach to learning and qualifications

Value: The CIPS Corporate Academy delivers measurable cost benefits and a tangible return on investment

Effectiveness: Tailored, applied learning produces greater supply chain effectiveness delivered via award-winning e-learning and professionally qualified staff


For individuals

Access: Flexible learning via online materials and resources, with individuals able to participate at a pace and in a place that suits them, supported by attendance at regular workshops and interactive webinars

E-learning: 22 qualification units supported by 120 short e-learning courses using content developed by world-class academics and practitioners

Recognition: Participants achieve the recognition they deserve by undertaking world-class training delivered by the leading international professional body in procurement and supply

Development: Improvement of competence and personal performance can result in enhanced career development opportunities

Empowerment: Participation motivates and builds empowerment

Relevance: Practical, internationally recognised learning and qualifications that are directly relevant to individual roles and organisations


Global organisations that have enjoyed the benefits of the Corporate Academy include:

Rio Tinto
Jaguar Land Rover
BAE systems

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