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Qualifications Programmes

For your whole procurement team

CIPS Qualifications ProgrammesClaim consistently high levels of competence and professionalism across your whole procurement team with staff who are formally qualified by CIPS, the chartered body and worldwide centre of excellence dedicated to procurement and supply management.

Our globally available qualifications programmes are fully managed by CIPS specialists to support groups of students within an organisation to achieve MCIPS, the professional accreditation for those working in procurement and supply.

Highlights include:

  • World-class course content and training from the world’s leading authority in procurement and supply
  • Contextualised syllabus to maximise the practical value to your organisation
  • Fully managed and supported via CIPS specialist programme managers who simplify all aspects of delivery
  • Flexible and tailored courses for efficient learning through face-to-face and virtual training including e-learning, webinars, video conferencing and course books
  • Current and emerging best practice techniques taught that drive procurement value for organisations


CIPS qualificationsCIPS offers a range of academic qualifications ranging from the Certificate (equivalent to GCSE (UK) AQF certificate III (AUS)) through to the Professional Diploma (equivalent to the final year of a degree).

For maximum relevance to your organisation, each qualifications programme, delivered by our expert tutors, contextualises the syllabus to the environment in which your company operates.

All CIPS Qualifications Programmes benefit from a dedicated programme manager to support every aspect of delivery.  Programmes are then tailored to maximise learning, optimise pass rates and drive value from available budget. 

  • Maximising learning
    We design programmes with a customised balance of face-to-face and virtual study support to suit the needs of your business and your staff.  This blended approach can include e-learning, phone tutoring, workshops, webinars and course books, all helping to stimulate learning and minimise time away from the business.
  • Supporting students
    Our professional programme coordinators enable students to focus more time on their studies by simplifying each step of the learning journey, managing the headache of ordering books, applying for membership and registering for exams on their behalf.
  • Optimising spend
    This flexible, personalised approach enables you to gain staff with independently accredited, globally recognised qualifications whilst optimising the value of your training spend.


Standards: Raising standards within your organisation through globally recognised qualifications

Efficient: Tailored delivery reflects current business needs, focusing on up-skilling and minimising down-time

Retention: Recognition of, and motivation for, individuals leads to lower workforce turnover

Profitability:  A qualified employee is more able to improve their organisation’s profitability 

Consistent: Develop a structured, uniform approach to procurement across all your operations

Recognition: The qualifications boost staff morale by building confidence and recognising individual performance.

Case studies

“JLR has enjoyed a fruitful and beneficial relationship with CIPS since 2009. We have over 60 students studying for MCIPS under a dedicated arrangement with CIPS and results have been excellent. We find CIPS to be relevant to a business like us, with its complex procurement demands and increasingly international outlook.”

Jaguar LandRover

BAE Systems        

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