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Essential Steps for Corporate Ethical Procurement

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Achieve the CIPS Corporate Ethical Mark and a listing on the CIPS Corporate Ethical Register:



...against supply chain malpractice, and financial and reputational risk.

Demonstrate commitment...

Demonstrate commitment... integrity in your procurement and supply management practices.

Builds confidence...

Builds confidence... your key stakeholders.

Instil pride...

Instil pride... your staff by knowing they work for an ethically oriented company.



...and train staff to high professional ethical standard.

Shows your commitment...

Shows your commitment... self governance and accountability.

How does Corporate Ethical Procurement and Supply work?

Adopt CIPS Code of Ethics

Adopt CIPS Code of Ethics

People development, organisational development, knowledge management and corporate support.

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Train and test your staff

Train and test your staff

All staff responsible for sourcing and management of suppliers should be fully trained by taking CIPS 2 hour e-learning package with online test.

Publicly state commitment

Publicly state commitment

By signing the CIPS Statement of Commitment, your CEO, CPO or senior accountable officer reinforces your organisation’s focus on sourcing ethically.



Ensure the knowledge and focus on ethical procurement and supply management within your organisation remains current by repeating each step annually.

Interested in gaining the Corporate Ethics Mark for your organisation?

Benefits to your organisation:


Strengthen your reputation by publicly demonstrating your commitment to ethical procurement and supply practices.


Help to protect your organisation from potential supply chain malpractice.


Demonstrate respect and awareness of international standards against criminal conduct, including bribery, corruption, fraud and human rights abuse.

Boost morale

Increase employee confidence through the knowledge they are conducting their work in a consistently ethical manner.


Achieve public recognition from CIPS via an internationally published listing on the CIPS Corporate Ethical Register.

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Ethics Mark

Receive CIPS Corporate Ethical Mark which you can use in your own literature.

Start the discussion about proving the ethics at your organisation today:

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