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Procurement Excellence Programme Advanced Standard

Maximise value, build influence and drive transformational change by achieving an internationally recognised award that recognises your procurement excellence.

Designed and delivered by the world's leading procurement specialists, CIPS Procurement Excellence Programme is the only independent, comprehensive and procurement-specific assessment of its kind. Achieving one of the three levels of Advanced award signifies how your procurement function is building increasing levels of influence, involvement and control in order to accelerate procurement performance and change, deliver greater value and achieve world-class service delivery.

You must have completed the Standard Procurement Excellence Programme before progressing to the Advanced.


CIPS Procurement Excellence Programme is an in-depth assessment process that measures your procurement function against our world-class standards across five dimensions (see diagram below). These five dimensions are essential facets of all organisations, no matter who and where you are, and what you do. The whole process aims to ensure that you are operating efficiently and effectively, and can drive constant improvement.

There are two levels of Procurement Excellence Programme (formerly known as CIPS Corporate Certification, Standard and Advanced. Within Advanced there are three levels of award:

Procurement Excellence Programme Silver Award
Advanced, proactive business supporter
Organisations achieving a Silver Award have demonstrated that procurement is moving from being an operational to a managerial function, building performance, capability and value.


Procurement Excellence Programme Gold Award
Leading, strategic value adder
Achieving a Gold Award signifies that procurement has a strategic role within an organisation with the ability to influence the senior management team and other business functions.


Procurement Excellence Programme Platinum Award
World-class, strategic value creator
Organisations achieving a Platinum Award are the global leaders of the profession.  They are creating strategic value for their organisations through world-class procurement.


The diagram shows how you can progress through Standard and Advanced to achieve increasing levels of influence, control and involvement.

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All of the awards are valid for two years.

PEP journey

Fig 1: Overview of Procurement Excellence Programme Journey 


Excellence: Supporting you to continually rise to new challenges and keep on driving improvement helps you to build competitive edge and achieve world-class service delivery.


Authority: Building procurement's role to become an increasingly respected and recognised influencer makes you fundamental to your organisation's strategic operations, potentially with a seat on the Board.


Value: Identifying better, more cost effective and efficient ways of working maximises the value and efficiencies procurement delivers, making it pivotal to your organisation's success.


Transformation: Working towards achieving ever-higher awards acts as a catalyst for transformational change, helping you to achieve incremental, sustainable supply chain value.


Respect: Attaining the pinnacle of procurement excellence marks you out as a world-class organisation that others respect, are inspired by and aim to emulate.


Relationships: Going on the journey engages and empowers your team, building morale, and strengthens your relationships with key stakeholders.


So far, more than 300 organisations around the world have worked with CIPS to evaluate and improve their procurement and supply functions through the Procurement Excellence Programme process. It has fast become the 'must have' way to:

  • focus on evaluating procurement performance;
  • drive improvement and value, and provide the rationale and framework for transformational change; and
  • by achieving an independent, respected award, demonstrate improvement and performance to the world.


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“It is essential that we benchmark ourselves against a world-class standard and thus chart out a roadmap for future progress. [Achieving] CIPS platinum certification has helped us in this independent assessment of our current status and to develop a roadmap for the future.”
Mohammed Khalifa Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of Operations, Qatar Foundation, Procurement Excellence Programme Platinum Award


“The assessment examined value delivered through the procurement processes, procedures and policies, and explored how the procurement function has evolved with the business and adapted in the face of new challenges.”
Mr. SM Ho, CPO, CLP Power, Procurement Excellence Programme Platinum Award


“The assessment support from CIPS was excellent. They were always available, provided strong, positive feedback and helped us to keep the team motivated throughout [the] nine-month process.”
Mark Barnett, Supply Chain Executive, EDF Energy Nuclear Generation, Procurement Excellence Programme Platinum Award


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