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Future Events


Buying Legal Services: Have you started the journey in this category?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 6:20 PM (1 day(s)), Lausanne

CPD 2The Swiss branch of CIPS cordially invites you to our next event in West Switzerland on the theme: ‘Buying legal services: have you started the journey in this category?.

Senior speakers will be sharing their perspectives on how to the journey in the legal services category.

Following discussion, there will be refreshments and snacks, and plenty of opportunity for networking.

Join us, learn and network with the international Swiss procurement and supply chain community in the Suisse Romande area.

Think Big, Take Risks - Workshop for Women in Procurement

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 6:00 PM (1 day(s)), Zurich

CPD 2Following on to the successful workshops in 2017, focused on developing women’s professional skills in procurement, we are proud to offer you another unique opportunity.

Mark Peacock, former head of Global Operations (member of executive committee) at Syngenta will join us and share his perspective on professional development and what women need to do to think big, take risks and accelerate their own journey.

Astrid Borgmann, former CPO of Swarovski and a member of the CIPS women’s team, will share her own personal story on taking risks in her career and how that can be a catalyst for us to widen our thinking.

Come and join us in our interactive workshop and challenge yourself, take away some tangible learnings, and be a part of our women in procurement community.

Our mission: Advancing women in procurement

The Grand Category Debate

Thursday, June 21, 2018 6:00 PM (1 day(s)), Basel, Switzerland

CPD 2This is the arena for procurement categories to argue their case of attention, resources and, yes, their very existence.

Leading practitioners, each representing one category, will attempt to impress, charm or bully you into making them the survivor.

Setting the scene for this gladiatorial contest, we are honoured and delighted to have Wolfgang Rauch, Group CPO of Novartis.

Anything goes. There are no rules of fair play. And the tragic show-down will be decided only by you, the audience

Will this be a procurement masterclass or a painful melodrama?

Whatever…networking afterwards should be lively