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Emerging Talent Blog

Awarded the CIPS Foundation Emerging Talent Scholarship, Mimi Gee gives a regular account of her experiences in the procurement and supply profession

September 2014: Party Nights

I have now officially entered myself into the Leadership exam in November and I am not sure whether I am brave or just stupid! My little bundle of joy has decided that waking up in the middle of the night and spending 2 / 3 hours awake is much more fun than having an nice restful nights sleep, so to say I am sleep deprived is an understatement! These ‘party nights’ have been going on for nearly 4 weeks now and everyone keeps telling me that things will get better sooner or later – I am just hoping that it is more sooner, rather than later as I only have 8 weeks to commit an entire module to memory, and the task seems ever more daunting each sleepy morning. I recently ran into a fellow new mum and CIPS member at a baby group and she spotted my revision notes in my bag and she asked incredulously, “what on earth are you doing with those?!”, to which I replied, “I’m not sure, it seemed like a good idea at the time…”

Never the less, I shall keep going and until then, I’ve got a short family break in Portugal, and a CIPS Furness Branch event at a local SME next month to look forward too!

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