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CIPS Corporate videos

CIPS economics snapshot with John Glen

20/5/2014 | 5:19 minutes

President's film 2012

Introduction to CIPS 

DMI - the first Dubai Government Dept to achieve CIPS certification in the Middle East

16/4/2010 | 1:43 minutes | 3Mb

David Noble CEO presents the award.

Branch Strategic Review - David Noble addresses the group

3/2/2010 | 2:19 minutes | 10Mb

Members and branches are the lifeblood of the organisation and the feedback and analysis from the review will shape how the CIPS Networks will look for the next three years. The chosen recommendations will be aligned to a new three-year CIPS Corporate strategy.  We look forward to the results.

Perfect Storm - Australia Annual Conference - 16th October 2009

21/1/2010 | 1:35 minutes | 12Mb

‘Perfect Storm’ created waves in Australia - 16 October 2009 - in Melbourne. The event’s attracted over 700 delegates, and it’s now the event in the procurement calendar in the region. The conference theme was procurement’s readiness to seize the opportunities coming our way. There’s been some great content that will be relevant to members outside Australia too, so we’ll be making video snippets available over the coming weeks.

CIPS Leaders' Network Strategic Forum - 'Fit to fight'

Visit to Wattisham Airfield - 9th - 10th Dec 2009

21/1/2010 | 2:10 minutes | 18Mb

CIPS Leaders' Network is a unique forum for senior leaders with an interest in, or influence over procurement in their organisation. It encourages  informal learning, discussion and debate through a portfolio of networking service and events.

These short clips show the group networking, sharing experience and exchanging knowledge.

“Not only was it enjoyable but it made me think more clearly about leadership in practice”

“An original and topical event”

To contact us use cln@cips.org or to find out more visit www.cips.org/cln


Xerox win global purchasing award

David Noble FCIPS, presents the CIPS Certification award

Part 1 of 3

15/10/2009 | 8:15 minutes | 31Mb

CIPS certification programme is an established benchmark of excellence in organisational procurement competence. Certification ensures that your organisation maintains excellent procurement standards and delivers benefits to your bottom line year on year.

The programme is endorsed by the Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA) and when you meet our certification standard for Excellence in Purchasing Policies and Procedures, you will also meet the purchasing requirements of ISO 9001:2000.  Catch up with more about CIPS on the CEO blog.

Part 2 of 3 

15/10/2009 | 6:12 minutes | 22Mb Listen now

Part 3 of 3 

15/10/2009 | 4:36 minutes | 12Mb Listen now


CIPS - Meet the CEO

Interview with David Noble

25/06/2009 | 3:50 minutes | 13 Mb

David Noble FCIPS, the new CEO introduces himself and talks about the future and the global challenges we face. He also talks about the CIPS certification program and the Purchasing Manager's Index (PMI), a key indicator for economic recovery.

Managing through interesting times - Breakfast briefing

Part 1 of 3

14/5/2009 | 15:28 minutes | 8.85 Mb Listen Now Button

Gerard Chick, Head of Knowledge Exchange, CIPS

A recording from a Breakfast Briefing event held in Leeds on 14th May 2009. "Managing through interesting times" presented by Gerard Chick.

Welcome to the future! The economic crisis is truly upon us; initiated by the portentous drop in mortgage-backed securities, the failure of Bear Steams and Lehman Brothers, and spreading economic global rise of unemployment and drop in GDP. This presentation explores the immediate impacts on this change for organisations and specifically on procurement leadership and its focus on the future.

Download the presentation, Managing through interesting times here

Part 2 of 3
14/5/2009 | 15:07 minutes | 8.65 Mb Listen now

Part 3 of 3
14/5/2009 | 16:38 minutes | 9.52 Mb Listen now

eWorld - Sellafield: A Nuclear Perspective

Presented by Steve Morgan, Winner of the CIPS Purchasing and Supply Management Professional of the Year 2008.

Part 1 of 4

25/03/2008 | 9:41 minutes | 26 Mb

A first-hand account of the progressive policies and procedures that were put in place during Steve’s tenure as CPO at Sellafield: leading to improved supplier relations, greater levels of corporate social responsibility and an award-winning supply chain programme with long-term socio-economic benefits.

Part 2 of 4 View part 2 of this video here
23/3/2009 | 9:37 minutes | 34 Mb

Part 3 of 4 View part 3 of this video here
23/3/2009 | 8:50 minutes | 30 Mb

Part 4 of 4 View part 4 of this video here
23/3/2009 | 5:13 minutes | 18 Mb

Delphi Study - future challenges for the procurement profession

23/3/2009 | 5:16 minutes | 3.0 Mb Listen Now Button

The Delphi Study, examines the future challenges facing the procurement profession in the next decade; and offers ways forward such as attracting and retaining procurement talent and the integration of procurement within organisations, coupled with serious investment in technology and building valuable relationships.

CIPS media roundtable debate on sustainable procurement

Part 1 of 5

19/11/2008 | 9:51 minutes | 4.6 Mb Listen Now Button

Simon Sperryn, Chief Executive of CIPS said: “Sustainable procurement as a concept has been with us for years. However, the context for the debate is radically changing. Benefits are no longer confined to enhanced brand attributes and avoiding reputational damage. In a world of increasing population, dwindling resources and collapsing ecological systems, sustainable sourcing is fundamental to business success.

Part 2 of 5
4/12/2008 | 9:51 minutes | 4.6 Mb Listen now

Part 3 of 5
4/12/2008 | 9:45 minutes | 4.6 Mb Listen now

Part 4 of 5
4/12/2008 | 9:50 minutes | 4.6 Mb Listen now

Part 5 of 5
4/12/2008 | 10:04 minutes | 4.7 Mb Listen now 

Challenge & opportunity of delivering the 2012 Olympic games

CIPS premier conference 2008

John Armitt, Chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority

Part 1 of 4

13/11/2008 | 9:24 minutes | 5 Mb

The delivery of the 2012 Games is a project unprecedented in this country’s history. The scale and complexity of the construction programme, along with fixed timescale, represents a tremendous challenge.

It is also one of great opportunity not only to celebrate the best of UK Plc but also be the catalyst for the long term regeneration of East London. Hear about the challenges and opportunities associated with delivering the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and the ODA’s approach to delivery, and the progress to date.

Part 2 of 4 View part 2 of this video here

Part 3 of 4 View part 3 of this video here

Part 4 of 4 View part 4 of this video here

An evening with Willy Walsh

CIPS premier conference 2008

Part 1 of 4

26/10/2008 | 4:17 minutes | 3.02 Mb Listen Now Button

Dr. R C Russill PhD, BSc, FCIPS interviews Willy Walsh, CEO of British Airways in a relaxed informal setting at the 2008 CIPS Premier Conference.

Part 2 of 4

1/11/2008 | 5:15 minutes | 3.70 Mb Listen now

Part 3 of 4
9/11/2008 | 6:17 minutes | 4.43 Mb Listen now

Part 4 of 4
9/11/2008 | 5:16 minutes | 3.70 Mb Listen now

CIPS Assessors Day

David Noble, CIPS CEO - CIPS Assessors Day

CIPS Study Centres

David Noble, CIPS CEO - CIPS Study Centres