Vendor Managed Inventory

In today's business... modern methods of supply chain management have become important tools to gain competitive advantage over competitors. Vendor Managed Inventory is one of them (Spychalska)

Information about Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI as a concept first gained popularity in the grocery sector among retailers (such as Wal-Mart) and became more popular and accessible with the development of information and communication technologies (Disney and Towill, 2003). In VMI arrangements the supplier decides the timing and quantity of materials delivered to the retailer using advanced online messaging and data-retrieval systems (Cetinkaya and Lee, 2000; Fry, 2011). Under some agreements, the supplier also takes ownership of these items when they are located at the retailer's site (known as consignment), but this is often not a necessary or desirable arrangement (Fry, 2011).

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