Sustainable Supply Chain

Tools such as enterprise carbon  management, carbon and energy footprint analysis, and life-cycle assessment help companies identify the sources of waste in supply chains (Nidumolu, 2009).

Information about Sustainable Supply Chain

Driven by legislation and increasing environmental awareness, sustainability has become an important issue among leading organisations, research institutions and policy-makers at national and international levels (Beamon, 1999; Prokesch, 2010; Stanford University SER Conference, 2010). Within organisations sustainability issues lie with strategic level decision-making on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and carry serious implications for purchasing and supply chain management.

Sustainability in supply chain management generally refers to continuous accountability for risk and negative impact caused by a range of actions along the supply chain. Sustainability efforts are also aimed at enhancing fairness and positive benefits for suppliers, workers, customers, end-users and any other stakeholders. Sustainability presents companies with an opportunity to forge new commercial relationships and build stronger core competencies (Fynes et al., 2005; Handfield and Bechtel, 2002). In addition, sustainable procurement practices can maximise business security "by ensuring that supply chains are robust and shock-proofed against sudden changes in price, availability and quality" (CIPS: Managing the storm and beyond). An impetus for pursuing sustainability is thus anchored in the ability of supply chains to secure long-term business survival, resilience and competitiveness (Prokesch, 2010).

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