PD4 - Supply Chain Diligence

PD4 - Supply Chain Diligence


This is the course book for the Optional 'Supply chain diligence' unit which forms part of the CIPS 'Professional diploma in procurement and supply' qualification. The course book is sold with a companion A5 set of revision notes.


    ISBN: 9781861242419
    Edition: 1st Edition


    Please read carefully:

    • Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Professional Diploma are changing in 2019.
    • The last exam opportunity for the current unit, and the rest of the current Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Professional Diploma is in May 2019.
    • Please note that current books will not be suitable for studying the updated qualifications. New resources for studying the updated qualification will be available from February 2019.
    • Find out more about changes to CIPS qualifications.

    The professional diploma in procurement and supply operations replaces the Level 6 graduate diploma in purchasing and supply qualification.

    No one book is recommended for this unit, but CIPS recommends an amalgamation of the following titles:

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