Academic Route to the Executive Diploma

There are 3 stages leading to the award of the Executive Diploma via the Academic Route:

1. Application
2. Assessment
       Part 1: The Statement of Ethical Intent
       Part 2: The CIPS Interview Assessment
3. Outcome

    Stage 1: How to Apply

    You can apply for the Academic Route by emailing a copy of your current up-to-date CV and a copy of your transcript and certificate to

    CIPS will conduct a review to assess your experience and that your completed degree meets the conditions of accreditation that CIPS has agreed with the relevant Universities.

    The Academic Route does not require three years of continuous experience since obtaining MCIPS, but a minimum of three years' experience in total in a position of responsibility in procurement and supply management. If you are a Fellow, the three years post FCIPS still applies.

    Once CIPS is satisfied that you meet the eligibility requirements we will confirm acceptance on to the ExDip Academic Route and request that you contact us on +44 (0)845 880 1188 to make the payment for the next stage of your assessment.

    A non-refundable payment of £350 will be due from you at this point.

    Stage 2: Assessment

    Part 1: The Statement of Ethical Intent

    When payment has been received, we will then send you details of the task which entails writing a Statement of Ethical Intent. You will be given 30 calendar days to complete this task and submit it to us for marking.

    Statement of Ethical Intent
    In 1000 words and using the CIPS Global Standard for Procurement and Supply you are to required to illustrate how you propose to adopt ethical behaviours both personally and within your organisation in the future. This is an essential aspect of being an ExDip Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional and at the heart of the CIPS Code of Conduct.

    The full details for this task will be sent to you once we have received your payment.

    You must submit your completed Statement to us electronically by emailing your documents to us at We will acknowledge your submission by reply email.

    Part 2: The CIPS Interview Asssessment

    Upon receipt of your completed Statement of Ethical Intent, we will contact you to offer you a date for your Interview Assessment.

    What does the Interview Assessment involve?
    The interview assessment is where you will be asked to reflect on your academic journey and professional experience, and advise how you fulfil the requirements of an advanced professional.

    Your interview assessment will be measured against the CIPS Global Standard at the Advanced Professional Level. It will last approximately 90 minutes and will take place via Skype or Webinar. It will have a semi-structured format. You should be conscious of the time and the need to be succinct demonstrating your skill and experience.

    The Assessor will typically introduce a theme and ask you to provide an example of something you have done which would demonstrate your skill and experience in a given theme. The use of examples is important in this respect as the Academic Route to Executive Diploma seeks to assess the application of knowledge and your individual experience. In addition, the Assessor will review your CV to inform them.

    You can use the CIPS Global Standard as a reference point for preparation and background. In addition, we have produced a short Introducing the Standard  guidance document on how to use the Standard.

    Stage 3: Outcome

    Your outcome and final report will be sent to you within 30 calendar days of you completing the Interview Assessment.


    Pass If you successfully meet all required standards of the Executive Diploma Academic Route assessment process, then you will be awarded the MCIPS/FCIPS ExDip Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional designation. We will send you an email with your outcome, and then you will receive a welcome pack and certificate in the post within 60 days of your outcome email. (Note – this timescale may depend on your country of residence).

    If you are unsuccessful, you will have a detailed report outlining areas for development and can re- apply to go through the entire process after one year has passed. You will be required to pay the full application fee.

    What if I fail to meet the 90 day deadline for the Interview Assessment?

    If you fail to undertake the interview assessment within the 90 day deadline, you will be withdrawn from the process. If you are subject to extenuating personal circumstances, then a formal application for an extension must be submitted to

    CIPS will review any requests and provide a response at its own discretion. 


    If you are unsuccessful at meeting the required standard for any of the elements of the interview assessment, CIPS, at its own discretion, may choose to offer you one re-interview opportunity.

    If this is the case you will receive a message from us making that offer, and providing you with a deadline for completion of your reattempt.

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