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CIPS/PSCMT Award Ceremony Thailand Write Up

CIPS/PSCMT Award Ceremony Thailand Write Up

A total of 47 attend the ceremony which has become somewhat of a highlight in the CIPS Thailand calendar with now three Ambassadors endorsing the event and allowing the ceremony to take place at the Residence.

H.E. The British Ambassador Mr. Asif Ahmad presented the CIPS certificates to the students and grateful thanks must go to him for his time and support which include an excellent address focusing on the procurement and supply chain management global issues and the importance of the profession and the internationally recognised CIPS qualification program and congratulated all the students on their achievement and welcomed them to the world of ethic and professional procurement and SCM. The Ambassador kindly offered to host a similar event as and when appropriate.

I on behalf of CIPS welcomed and thanked the Ambassador and attendees and congratulated the students for their excellent achievement - The PSCMT President Mr. Akanit Smitabindu gave an update report to the Ambassador and advised that level 5 was now on the delivery agenda he also said that we have had some 430 students through the CIPS program levels 3 and 4.

There is no doubt that the event is seen as a special occasion and enjoyed by one and all especially with the support of the British Ambassador with the event taking place at the heart of the British Embassy.We very much hope that at some point we might have the pleasure of welcoming a CIPS/UK Representative which would redoubtably be very much welcomed by all.