VIC Event: CIPS- GEP Webinar Change Management

Friday, 27 March 2020 - WEBINAR

VIC Event: CIPS- GEP Webinar Change Management


Important notification to all interested parties, this event has been updated to a virtual webinar on Friday, 27 March 12pm AEDT/2pm NZDT  to encourage social distancing as a risk mitigation strategy to minimise the spread of COVID-19. 

All registered members will automatically be registered for the new webinar and will received updated webinar details. If you have any questions, please contact us.



    Join our panel webinar event on the 27th of March at 12pm AEDT,/2pm NZDT where we discuss:

    • Emerging technologies and what this means for the role of procurement
    • The psychology of change – inside the mind of change resistors
    • Embracing change – tools to get even to most resistant to accept and support change

    This event is suitable for: 

    • CIPS Members
    • Procurement Professionals, all members and non-members
    • CPO, CFO and Business Managers and 
    • Individuals interested in Procurement and Supply Management


    CIPS VIC Committee invites you for a webinar on the topic of Change Management: Harnessing the Power of Digital. Change management – it’s an integral part of any successful transformation, but often overlooked. But in a world where new technologies are emerging faster than most of us can keep up, it’s more important than ever. Technology is changing the face of procurement. So how do we ensure that our teams embrace the change so we can truly harness the power of digital?

    12:00CIPS Welcome & IntroductionsPhil Chalkley - Moderator/Host
    12:10Panel Session Begins
    12:45Q&A Session
    13:00Event Concludes


    Belinda Lloyd

    Belinda Lloyd

    DirectorChanging Circumstances Consultancy

    Belinda is change management and organisational design expert with senior executive experience across a range of diverse industries.

    Most recently, Belinda was engaged in the transport industry to lead transformational change, with procurement as a critical mandate.

    Key outcomes of this project included:

    a)    Leadership development for the procurement executive team to build transformational change capability

    b)    Stakeholder engagement and impact analyses

    c)    Education on change management principles, frameworks and practical implementation tools and resources

    Andrew McFarlane FCIPS

    Andrew McFarlane FCIPS

    Head of ProcurementMcConnell Dowell

    Andrew is Head of Procurement at McConnell Dowell, responsible for initially establishing and now leading and transforming the procurement activity in a large tier 1 infrastructure and construction company.  He has over 20 years Procurement experience working in a variety of industries. He is a Fellow of CIPS and also a member of the CIPS VIC Committee.

    In recent times, Andrew has lead two significant technology transformation projects at McConnell Dowell, both of which had very different approaches to change management:

    1)    Subcontractor and supplier registration and pre-qualification across the business/projects in Australia, NZ and South East Asia.

    2)    Plant management (both internal and external) on MCD projects and plant yards in Australia, NZ and South East Asia.

    Vin Arora

    Vin Arora

    Senior Director - ANZGEP

    Vin has had over 15 years experience delivering strategic consulting and procurement transformation services in global markets, including Singapore, Dubai, India and Australia.

    He is currently serving as Head of GEP in Aus/NZ, bringing GEP’s innovative, best practice solutions to Aus/NZ based organisations.

    GEP is an end to end procurement solutions company offering procurement strategy & transformation, managed services and unified source to pay software to 450+ customers worldwide.


    Friday 27 Mar - WEBINAR

    Webinar - ANZ
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