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Wolverhampton Branch Vision:

  • Facilitate engagement and communication within the membership community
  • Support the Continued Professional Development of our members
  • Actively market CIPS to all areas of business
  • Promote awareness of the procurement profession with education providers and students
  • Maximise value for existing members from their annual CIPS contribution

Branch Overview

Welcome to the Wolverhampton Branch


Branch Mission:

  • To provide a local Professional Network
  • To promote representation, visibility and engagement in the local environment
  • To develop relationships between Member and Branch
  • To facilitate local sharing of Knowledge and Best Practice
  • To ensure alignment with CIPS strategy
  • Promote the professional and personal benefits of Membership in order to raise the profile and image of CIPS local and thereby recruit new Members
  • Elect an executive committee and hold yearly AGM's
  • Protect the image and reputation of CIPS through good stewardship of the CIPS brand


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Education Liasion Officer

Colin Hanson - New MCIPS

Social Media Officer
Sara Chadwick


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