Branch Overview

Welcome to the Zambia Branch Web Pages

The objectives and vision is to provide a forum for the branch members in the country.

  • The branch strives to provide and represent the general membership with high professional standards.
  • Provide members with communication services to enable them to interact on professional matters.
  • Conduct workshops in various districts in order to enhance the performances of practitioners.
  • Provide study guides and other reference books to students and members.
  • Provide a platform for professional discussions from time to time.
  • To support the corporate vision of CIPS within the country.
  • To raise the profile of CPD amongst our members by initiating suitable events that will support development annually.


The CIPS Zambia branch has been in existence since the seventies. The first branch committee was established in Luanshya, comprising expatriate staff from Roan Selection Trustee (RST). Among the first executive committee members was our current Chief Examiner at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) UK, Professor David Jessop who began his procurement career in Zambia. The branch could not stand the taste of time because expatriates kept leaving the country each time their contracts ended.

It was until 1995 when Zambian professionals held a revival meeting at Masiye Motel in Kabwe where a first indigenous Executive Committee ushered in led by Jones J. Kalyongwe. From that time, the branch has held Annual General Meetings (AGMs).



Branch Chair
Mr Malambo Frederick MCIPS

Vice Chair/Treasurer
Mr Winston Kanyanta MCIPS

Mrs Jane M. Zingani-Kayesa MCIPS

Education Officer
Mr Bruce Mapalo Mofya

Public Relations Officer
Mr Christopher Imakando

Membership Officer
Mr Donald Phiri

Student Representative
Mr Calvin Karina Hakalima