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Your Professional Licence

Excel in the field of procurement and supply to further your career.

Your professional licenceAs a fully qualified member of CIPS (MCIPS) you will have achieved an internationally recognised award which represents the global standard within the profession for a procurement and supply professional.

MCIPS can be achieved through:



Being awarded MCIPS allows you to use the MCIPS designation only when you are a current member, signalling to other professionals and employers your procurement proficiency, giving you a significant career advantage and enabling you to earn more per annum than non-MCIPS professionals.

Please note, if you do not renew your membership annually you will no longer be classed as a member of the institute and will therefore not be entiltled to use the post-nominals MCIPS.

All our current members and their status can be found on our professional register.

The Benefits of MCIPS Status

Enjoy greater rewards
Procurement professionals who achieve MCIPS status earn more per annum than non-MCIPS colleagues in the same positions and only current members are entitled to use the post-nominals MCIPS.

Achieve your potential
A professional qualification will enhance your skills and practices, and equip you with new ones, providing you with the tools you need to excel in your career in procurement and supply.

Gain a career advantage
Studying for and gaining MCIPS demonstrates your serious intent and commitment to your career; a huge advantage when it comes to career progression.

Upgrade to MCIPS

CIPS requires that all members who wish to achieve full membership (MCIPS), on completion of the Professional Diploma or other specialist qualifications accredited by CIPS, need to apply formally to have their membership upgraded.

In order to apply for MCIPS you must be a current member of the institute. Join now.

Case Study

Jo’s journey to MCIPS

"I started my CIPS journey in February 2011 through the self-study route. My previous work experience allowed me to begin studying at the Diploma level. I completed my exams in November 2014, and received confirmation of my final passes (and therefore the ability to apply for MCIPS) in February 2015. It does take a lot of work to complete fifteen exams over three years, particularly as I worked full time throughout my study, but the end results are worth the commitment!"

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