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New partnership between procurement and supply chain management specialists offers more support and knowledge in Sweden

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
  • More procurement and supply chain management resources for professionals, buyers and corporates in Sweden
  • Leading to improved best practices in companies and organisations.

 CIPS has partnered with procurement and supply chain management specialists ValueOne AB to develop training and support for companies, individual buyers and procurement and supply chain management professionals.

Formed in 2009, ValueOne specialise in supply chain management, procurement and logistics, providing an array of services which develops and enhance procurement and supply chain organisations in Sweden.

CIPS is the largest professional body in the world for procurement and supply management, and supports all sectors and all business, public sector bodies and charities in developing best procurement and supply management practice.

The agreement between the two parties will focus on training and developing individuals within professional procurement and supply organisations, as well as the procurement and supply organisations themselves in the best practices of procurement and supply.

Will Beattie, Head of International Business development at CIPS said, “We already have good links in the Scandinavian region, so we are delighted that we have developed this agreement with ValueOne to develop the professionals in the area of procurement and supply in the Nordics.

“These high-quality senior professionals will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the partnership as well as developing more networks to support best practice in global supply chain management. I am looking forward to attending events in Sweden to discuss the issues in supply chain management and how CIPS can support these individual and company aims.”

Christer Atterström, CEO of Value One says, ”I am excited by this opportunity to become partners and join forces with the largest organisation for procurement professionals in the world, to benefit from their long-standing and deep knowledge in the area and development of best practices in the procurement and supply profession globally.   This is a good fit to our current service offering and will contribute to the overall development of the Swedish procurement and supply organisations in the Nordics."

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Trudy Salandiak; CIPS PR Manager; trudy.salandiak@cips.org; +44 (0) 1780 761576; 07554 400 731

ValueOne AB

Christer Atterström, CEO; christer.atterstrom@valueone.se; +46 (0)70 219 1366

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ValueOne AB

ValueOne AB are specialists in supply chain management and provide consultants for

procurement and logistics projects. They have experts to develop supply chain strategies, models, organization and competence.

They improve their customers’ competitiveness by supporting company goals and strategy. They offer support for spend analysis and supply chain development to support cost and efficiency for materials and services. www.valueone.se.