A New Register of Business Transparency Statements Supports the UK's Modern Slavery Act

A new register of business transparency statements supports the UK's Modern Slavery Act.

CIPS has been working with Unseen, the award-winning charity fighting modern slavery, and Semantrica, a technology social enterprise, to develop the first register for transparency statements in line with section 54 of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act.

The provision took effect from March this year and requires businesses with a turnover of £36million or more, to publish an annual statement about their efforts to tackle slavery in supply chains and their own organisation. CIPS has been an advocate of uncovering slavery in supply chains and has been highlighting the issue to its members and to wider business groups and will be further promoting the register with examples of good practice.

Tiscreport.org has been created to provide a central register for businesses to file their statements making all company reports easily accessible in one online location. It also uses digital technology to pull in statements published elsewhere to provide a comprehensive picture of how businesses are planning to eradicate slavery in their supply chains.

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