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Delegates from outside the EU

CIPS welcome delegates from overseas, but if you are a resident outside the European Union (EU) you should ensure that you have a valid visa and can comply with all immigration requirements before applying for a CIPS course.

Please note that CIPS Training Courses do not qualify you for a student visa or for entry to the UK or other EU countries. Visa information is given on If you wish to apply for entry to the UK you should contact your nearest British mission that offers a visa service. A full list of UK Overseas Missions is given on

CIPS cannot process bookings from outside the EU without full payment in advance. Once payment has been made cancellation fees are payable in accordance with our terms and conditions. If you do not have a visa before applying and you are unable to obtain one, cancellation fees will be levied.

Any other expenses, including travel and accommodation, are the responsibility of individual delegates.

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