The next series of GBBO will be shown of C4 Credit: BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon
The next series of GBBO will be shown of C4 Credit: BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon

Cakes, waste and space – the supply chain in numbers

16 September 2016

Asteroids, football sponsors and, yes, the Great British Bake Off feature in this week’s round up of procurement and supply chain stories


The gap between what the BBC offered Love Productions, maker of The Great British Bake Off, to keep the show and Channel 4 bid to acquire it. Love’s acceptance of C4’s £25m bid prompted a social media storm and led presenters Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc to announce that they will quit the show, which attracts around 13m viewers on BBC1.  Love Productions is 70% owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky. Lord Sugar tweeted: “Love Productions have made a fatal error… all for a few extra quid.”

5.1 days

The average time it takes to fulfill an online order by 238 top American retailers, according to a survey by Internet Retailing. This is slower than Amazon – which guarantees two-day delivery and offers a two-hour window to some Prime subscribers in America – but is a dramatic improvement on the 8.3 days taken in 2014. After Amazon, Best Buy was the top performer among the 30 largest retailers taking just 3.3 days to deliver.

120,000,000 tonnes

The amount of waste generated by the British construction industry every year. The UK Green Building Council estimates that 15% of the material delivered to construction sites is wasted and ends up in landfill.


This increase in the world’s temperature would lead to a global decline of 4-1-6.4% in wheat yields, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change. The world currently produces about 700m [US] tons of wheat a year, which is used in, among other products, bread, cake, pasta and breakfast cereals. A 5% fall in yield would reduce the crop by 35m tons. The situation would be even more acute in warmer countries: one scenario in the study forecasts that yields in India could plummet by 8%.


The number of people that have been trafficked from the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tengarra, according to local NGO PIAR. One recent victim, a 19-year-old woman called Yulfrida Selan, was kidnapped and sent to work as a maid in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. Ten months later, her dead body was returned to her shocked family. She is the third victim to have been sent back dead to the province since April.


The minimum amount Chad, said to be the world’s fourth poorest country, is spending on a three-year deal to sponsor football club Le Metz, which plays in France’s top division. Chad’s minister of sport Betel Miarom hopes the deal will change negative perceptions of the land-locked African nation. It is not clear whether the government – or pan-African media group LC2 – is footing the bill. Journalist Ahmat Zeidane Bichara criticised the sponsorship, saying that 64% of the populace had no access to drinking water and asking: “What is the true urgency for Chad and Chadians: tourism or the thirst for drinking water?”


The year NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft is scheduled to land on near-Earth asteroid, Bennu. ‘Near’ is a relative concept: the asteroid is, at its furthest away point, 211m miles from Earth. The craft will spend a year mapping the asteroid’s surface for landing sites and, having selected one, briefly touch down and take a sample of rock and soil. It will then fly back to Earth and, all being well, will land in the Utah desert in 2023. One reason for the mission is that there is a small, but distinct, possibility it might hit Earth in the 22nd century. You have been warned.

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