Your say: category expertise, late payment…Brexit

We asked you on Twitter about pressing procurement matters:

category expertise, late payment and ever-looming Brexit

Procurement needs to look outside the profession, said Anglian Water’s head of procurement, Karen Thompson, at a CIPS Business Briefing.

We asked: Does/would your team benefit from specific category expertise?

You said:

Recent reports showed Australian SMEs experiencing late payments and the UK government considering fines for late payment.

We asked: Are fines issued by governments enough to deter large businesses from paying suppliers late?

You said:

Brexit is a chance to put right a lot of what is wrong in the public procurement sphere, said Greenview Group’s David Salters.

We asked: Will Brexit deliver this opportunity?

You said:

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Chelmsford or Cambridge
£33,797 - £39,152 p.a
Anglia Ruskin University
South Sinai (EG)
$100,660, 2 year contract, tax free salary, housing, meals, medical, relocation,
Multinational Force and Observers