Collaboration is biggest benefit of exchanges

14 December 2000
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14 December 2000

The biggest benefit of electronic marketplaces will be in enabling better collaboration between firms, according to the boss of a leading industry exchange.

Judith Sprieser, chief executive of Transora, an independent marketplace set up by 54 packaged consumer goods manufacturers, said even fierce rivals were seeing advantages in working together more closely.

Speaking at the Line56 conference in London last week, Sprieser said that for them to work effectively a big shift in attitude was needed among marketplace participants, which in Transora's case include Unilever, Nestlé and Proctor and Gamble.

"Nearly half of our employees are on loan from the companies involved," she said. "They are sending them to us to learn how to collaborate, so they can go back and share that experience."

Stephen O'Sullivan, of aerospace exchange Exostar, added that marketplaces also gave small suppliers new opportunities to collaborate with larger firms.


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