UK shippers turn to academics for supply solution

29 November 2001
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29 November 2001

Britain's maritime industry has turned to academics to develop procurement processes in an effort to increase efficiencies.

This is the first time that the industry has collectively decided to initiate supply chain development programmes, according to Tom Dougherty, associate director of the Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association (SSA), which met last week to thrash out priorities.

Dougherty said: "Top priorities were supply chain processes, communication and supplier relations, as well as incentives to participate to improve practices."

However, he insisted the sector is not "ailing" and said Britain is holding its own in Europe where the vast majority of shipbuilding and repair is small to medium-sized vessels. "It's about growing the market."

The SSA wants to begin running programmes by March.

The meeting was set up after a recent study showed that supply chain strategies are missing for most of the sector, despite examples from other industries where its development is essential for competitiveness.


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