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5 September 2001
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06 September 2001 | Robin Parker

Solutions provider MaterialNet's latest project promises total desktop management of a company's global sourcing process.

The five components of the multi-currency Custom Procurement Management System (CPMS) give purchasers control over the creation, set up and running of online bidding events.

"The bulk of CPMS has been developed in response to our customers' inquiries," Joe Percoraro, chief operating officer for MaterialNet, told SM. "The most urgent need that has been expressed was for a complete e-sourcing solution."

The core of the system comprises MaterialNet's custom auction toolkit version 4.0 for the creation, management and reporting of reverse and forward auctions; and electronic request for information to survey and monitor suppliers. It also enables order management and award notification, which gives control over contract and spot purchases and blanket orders.

MaterialNet says the combination of tools will improve procurement methods, reduce cycle times and allow savings of 10 to 30 per cent.

Percoraro said one pilot customer in the engineered-components industry had saved 45 per cent on one of its events.

CPMS comes free in a 30-day trial version that lets users conduct auctions.


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