Better connection with CEOs needed

28 November 2002
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28 November 2002 | David Arminas

NHS trust chief executives and purchasers need to be more connected because good procurement practices are the solutions to many of the trusts' problems.

Paul Williams, chief executive of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust and a member of the NHS procurement board for Wales, urged delegates to think about what is on the chief executive's mind.

He also urged chief executives to sit up and take notice of what purchasers have to offer.

"It's surprising to me how many chief executives don't draw on procurement to help solve their financial and other difficulties," he said.

"In my trust, procurement makes sure our overseas recruitment agencies are credible and we are not getting ripped off. Corporate governance - never far from the chief executive's mind - is another area where purchasers have influence."

Williams told SM: "I don't think purchasers are sufficiently proactive in knocking on the chief executive's door to find out what's on their agenda, although in some organisations they will be sought out.

He said there should be regular presentations to NHS boards of procurement issues.

Williams added that even if the chief executive is closed minded, purchasers should work to solve problems to demonstrate they can add value.


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