Inputting errors can prove costly, CIPS warns

27 March 2003
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27 March 2003

A CIPS position paper on supplier mistakes warns purchasers to be continually vigilant about inadvertent supplier errors, particularly in Internet documents.

Melinda Johnson, head of policy and representation at CIPS, said this is especially important because administration staff are often pressured to put information on the Internet and mistakes can be made inputting data.

She said: "They are often in a hurry to input information such as prices and quantity, and mistakes may not be picked up until several transactions later, involving thousands of pounds."

Such mistakes can be embarrassing as well as costly, she said.

"A major driver for us in developing the position paper was when Kodak mistakenly sold cameras on its website for a tenth of their value because of an error in inputting the price."

Supplier Mistakes is one of two new CIPS position papers on the redesigned CIPS website ( The other, Incentivisation of Suppliers, warns that a lack of clarity on when a supplier reaches a goal can lead to mistrust in the supply chain.


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