Hoteliers targeted with data management system

9 June 2004
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10 June 2004 | Robin Parker

Hotel developers and owners are the target market for a system that promises a single view of the outsourced procurement process of their global projects.

Promising help with the procurement of "everything from teaspoons to minibuses", it holds all purchasing data centrally and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

The system, Geronimo, has been set up by HDP International, a procurement management company specialising in the hotels and leisure market.

HDP sets up a custom-based database and enables the client to set up controls to allow designated staff to use it.

Geronimo permits up to five suppliers to be invited to tender for each item, which are subject to rigorous cost analyses. It also produces customised reports, such as bills of quantities, tender analyses, budget information, payment and delivery schedules, and packaging, freight and other bottom-line savings.

The project team can then choose to keep the data within Geronimo or download it onto its own system.

Pamela McMahon, managing director of HDP, said the new system cemented the long-term partnership approach the company favours with its clients by giving them access at any stage.

"Our clients have shared access to processes to keep up with the project's progress," she said. "This open approach makes it a very easy way to control what's going on."

Geronimo will be the main operating system for HDP's projects and is already in use for the procurement of ?1.5 million worth of supplies for a resort and spa in Sicily, which opens this summer.

The company is also working with casino chains and retirement homes in the US.


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