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8 September 2004
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09 September 2004

Cardiff University is embarking on a major three-year research programme into how companies can maintain the momentum for change to improve performance.

The sustainability of change project, called "Success", has £400,000 funding.

The money is part of a £3.25 million grant from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council.

Peter Hines, professor of supply chain and head of Success, said he needed up to 15 companies to participate in the project which will be designed to help the firms in a practical way.

"We want the companies to tell us what is most important for them in this area," said Hines who is also director of the university's Lean Enterprise Research Centre.

"Is it how to get sustainable change from my people? Is it to do with getting suppliers on board for a strategy, or how do I get better at change within my own organisation?"

About a dozen companies will meet quarterly, either at Cardiff University or around the country, possibly at the site of a participating firm, to give feedback on their internal projects.

"Small to large companies, even a development agency or trade association representing a large number of organisations, are candidates," said Hines.

"The companies will probably be manufacturing orientated because our remit is as a manufacturing-focused centre."

Hines said the research would take in a dozen mini-projects lasting six to nine months, focusing on change management work in participating companies. He stressed companies must be willing to share their experiences.


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