Buyers learn from terror attacks

24 August 2005
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25 August 2005 | Rebecca Ellinor

Purchasing plans put in place after 9/11 paid off during last month's London terror attacks, according to the head of procurement at the London fire service.

Terry Brewer, from the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, said the purchasing team undertook a major review of equipment and arrangements with suppliers following the terrorist attacks in America in 2001.

He added that an internal debrief following the London bombings showed the service performed well, mainly as a result of these changes.

"Suppliers know what our requirements are, so we're not woolly about how we want supplies mobilised, where we want things delivered and how much.

"We've had these plans in place for sometime now, but 7 July was the first time we've used them in earnest and it's gratifying that it worked on the day," he said.

Brewer added that purchases made in the past few years included more rescue vehicles equipped with tools to rescue people trapped in tunnels.

These include "snake-eye" cameras to see into enclosed spaces and breathing equipment with larger amounts of oxygen.


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