Construction "worst" at sustainable procurement

12 February 2007
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12 February 2007 | Paul Snell

The construction industry is the worst at sustainable procurement, according to one of its leading chief executives.

David Fison, chief executive of construction firm Skanska UK, told delegates at last week's sustainable procurement conference in London that he rated construction's performance below all other sectors.

"Construction is one of, if not the worst when it comes to sustainability," he said. "But we also have the best opportunity."

Fison, who served as a member of the Sustainable Procurement Task Force, said he sympathised with the difficulties experienced by many construction firms, but said that the sector must change. "If we carry on as we are we will not be sustainable," he warned.

"Construction must accept it is a problem area and must improve. It isn't rocket science, but it needs governments to believe in it," he added, referring to the government's response to the SPTF report, due at the end of the month.

He also questioned if those in the industry would be able to make the necessary changes. "Do procurers have the behaviour to think through the issues to do with sustainable procurement?" he said.


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