OGC head says civil servants are 'evolving'

12 June 2007
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13 June 2007 | Antony Barton

The head of the OGC says the public sector is going through an "evolutionary change" in procurement.

Peter Fanning, acting chief executive added: "collaboration is emerging in the DNA of civil servants".

Addressing buyers at the Procurement Solutions 2007 conference, he said there was a lot of support from departments towards the new direction of the OGC, shaped by the Transforming Government Procurement document.

Since the document was released in January (Web news, 26 January), the OGC has started a series of capability reviews for government departments. These began with the Department for Education and Skills and Fanning says he hopes to have reviews of most of the major spending departments completed by the end of the year.

He said there was no sign of a "get your tanks off my lawn" attitude from department heads and, if anything, they were more irritated that the OGC has not had such an involved role until now.

Fanning added the OGC had launched function where suppliers can complain about government procurement via the OGC website. He said this would allow the OGC to "investigate systemic failures".

He added that reviews of suppliers will soon begin, starting in the area of ICT and professional services.


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