No purchasing background needed for CPOs

25 March 2007
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26 March 2007 | Paul Snell

One in five chief procurement officers does not have a purchasing or supply background, a study has revealed.

But according to the report this often places a "significant burden of educating and supporting the individual" on senior managers who do have supply experience.

The report from CAPS Research also found the majority of CPOs are appointed from in house. Some 62 per cent of companies establishing a CPO position promoted internally. The figure was higher, 73 per cent, when replacing a current CPO.

European firms were also more likely to appoint someone currently holding a CPO position than a North American business.

The report said that companies were "usually willing to give a senior supply person a chance to prove that they are capable of leading an organisation", meaning buyers' chances for promotion were good.

It also revealed that most CPOs leave their role for more senior positions within the same company. "The supply function is not a dead-end job where retirement is the only exit route," the report said.


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