23 May 2007
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24 May 2007

Following the launch of our online blog, we pick the best recent comments. Visit to join the debates.

WE POSTED: What are the challenges and the opportunities for buyers in Dubai?

BLOGGERS SAID: "Foreign countries tend to have too many funny ways for my liking, not to mention the massive carbon footprint we're leaving behind when we trade with them. My answer is simple - buy British."

"Yeah, right. Johnny Foreigner doesn't have a clue. Tell you what: let's take over all their countries and run them properly. What would we call such an idea, though? Hey, just thought - we could call it 'The British Empire'."

"In no way did I express any desire for reforming the British Empire, quite the opposite. My argument is simple: keep trade local. A look at the UK trade deficit sheet indicates we are importing more than we are exporting. As a consequence billions of pounds are being poured unnecessarily out of the UK every year."

WE POSTED: The contestants' efforts to buy things on The Apprentice were dismal. Does this prove the point that everybody thinks they are a buyer?

BLOGGERS SAID: "They are chosen perhaps more for personality rather than ability. It makes me laugh how they are considered to have grown up as entrepreneurs because they washed cars to make money as a kid. Didn't we all have a paper round, work at the local supermarket or do some other activity to make a bit of pocket money when we were younger?"

"If anything, it suggests the specialist skills of a buyer are not easily replicated in untrained individuals. Though if these are the same people who tried to export cheese to France, maybe it isn't just that they lack buying skills; maybe they just don't have a clue."

WE POSTED: Supplier diversity in South Africa and its effectiveness in giving minority suppliers contracts - can it lead to buyer exploitation, contracts awarded simply because of minority status, rather than performance?

BLOGGERS SAID: "It sounds suspiciously like positive discrimination to me. Rather than forcing people to use minority businesses, buyers should instead look at ways of making their contracts more accessible to them. Helping them to win business in fair, open competition would be a much better practice than handicapping bigger firms."

"I believe this is unfair practice. How can a company commit to giving a percentage of business to minority owned businesses when all contracts should be awarded on the value they give? Value cannot be measured by race, religion, gender, age or anything else that could pertain to minority."

WE POSTED: What is the collective noun for buyers?

BLOGGERS SAID: "A procuration of purchasers...a galaxy of buyers... a village of buyers... and a b-e-v-v-y of salespeople."


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