CIPS supports "ideals" of online exam marking

27 September 2007
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28 September 2007 | Antony Barton

CIPS says it may consider online marking for exams in the future, but would only introduce it if it passed a thorough investigation.

John Bangs, head of education at the National Union of Teachers, said A-level and GCSE examiners find online marking tough, partly because they are unable to annotate scripts by hand.

In response, Amanda O'Brien, CIPS education assessment manager, said the main issue with online exam marking is understanding all the complexities involved, adding it is "not a straightforward area and one that CIPS would not consider without thorough investigation".

She said: "In essence we are supportive of the ideals and principles of online marking but we would need to feel confident that the assessment decisions would be sound and not disadvantage a student or the assessment team.

"In addition we would need to be 100 per cent confident that the security is robust and any health and safety aspects are clearly evaluated - something that is of the utmost importance to CIPS."


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