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5 September 2007
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06 September 2007

Regarding Richard Gibson's recent letter (Frameworks are the future, 2 August), if there is one thing that makes by blood boil it is the very thought of using OGCbuying.solutions to find any information.

I don't know if Gibson has tried using the web page, but it is very complicated and inaccurate and makes my team come out in a cold sweat whenever I suggest they try looking for some contract information. My most recent experience was to try looking for some contact information for a major software company that had recently entered into a MOU. After 20 minutes I gave up and called the customer care line. As usual the gentleman who answered the phone was really helpful and positive he could find the information for me. After 10 minutes he had given up as well as it was clear the details of the agreement were not present on the web page. He phoned me back with a contact number, but to get this he had to resort to using a well-known online telephone directory.

So it does not matter how good the frameworks may (or may not) be, if the information is not easily accessible we are unlikely to use them.

Helen Baker, head of procurement, University of the West of England

...A response from the OGC

I'm very sorry a valued customer has had such a disappointing experience trying to find information on our website.

Although I'm pleased they found our customer service desk helpful, we clearly failed to meet our usual high standards on this occasion. We have reviewed our systems and processes in conjunction with the relevant staff to ensure that this situation will not recur.

A recent independent survey on our website showed that 77 per cent of customers rated it as "good" or "very good". We know this isn't satisfactory and we're currently working on a range of improvements including a more sophisticated search facility. When complete, these improvements should alleviate the problems experienced by this customer as information will be easier to find.

In the meantime, we've made MOUs more prominent on our home page and there is a wealth of information available on this subject once customers log in to the secure area.

Our website manager would also be pleased to discuss any difficulties this customer is experiencing or has experienced in the past.

David Murray, director of Corporate Services, OGCbuying.solutions


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