13 March 2008
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13 March 2008

Following the launch of our online blog, we pick the best of recent comments. Visit to join the debates.

WE POSTED: Ryanair's Michael O'Leary's approach to negotiations is explored in our current issue (Deals of steel, Features, 31 January) and based on extracts from a new book. Apparently while doing the deal for new fleet O'Leary would receive offers from one supplier only to fax it to the other asking them to better it. What are your thoughts on his approach?

BLOGGERS SAID: "You definitely couldn't get away with that kind of thing in the public sector. What I found interesting was that you'd expect the people he deals with to be left quite resentful, yet he seems to have a good relationship going with Boeing."

WE POSTED: A supply chain manager from Cheshire contacted us for advice on this area of work: "Sometimes non-buyers in my organisation have to get involved with ongoing contract management. How can I assist them to manage contracts more effectively?" Any ideas?

BLOGGERS SAID: "Get policy documents written for what you view as essential 'rules'. Work out what they should deal with and when they should refer or discuss with you or other managers. To work on their technical skills and avoid expensive mistakes, think about a Level 2 CIPS course, which is designed for non-regular buyers."

WE POSTED: According to today's Chicago Sun-Times some firms now require dating co-workers to sign a contract to protect themselves in case the relationship turns sour. How do you feel about agreements like this?

BLOGGERS SAID: "Would this be a framework agreement? Would you want to get into a single source relationship? What kind of escape clauses would you put in?"


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