CIPS president urges encouragement of youth

13 March 2008
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13 March 2008 | Jake Kanter

Buyers must be more proactive in encouraging young people to join the profession, CIPS president Ron Jarman told the audience at the institute's 69th annual dinner last night.

Jarman said there needs to be more diversity in the people joining the profession and the institute should broaden its appeal to young people.

He added with a membership base of more than 44,000, the future looks bright for the institute. "The strength of CIPS is an indicator of how well the profession is doing," he said.

Jarman concluded with an anecdote about US presidential candidate Barack Obama, recalling a conversation with a friend in the US who is campaigning for him. The friend told Jarman: "Obama is successful because he appeals to youth."

He urged buyers to do the same and added: "We must build youth for the future of the profession."


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