CIPS chief warns new government against rash decision-making

7 May 2010

7 May 2010 | Andy Allen

Procurement is likely to play a key role in the new UK government’s plans – whatever the final outcome of the general election – according to CIPS chief executive David Noble.

Noble said that the election results so far raise more questions than answers, but the party or coalition that eventually takes power will inevitably focus on procurement as an important means of cutting public sector spending.

While the Conservatives have won most seats in the election the party has fallen short of a majority, leading to the first hung parliament since 1974. It is currently unclear whether Labour and the Liberal Democrats will form a coalition or whether Conservatives will form a minority government.

“Having spoken to several senior civil servants this week, it’s clear that procurement is at the top of everyone’s agenda,” said Noble.

He added: “Better procurement, quite rightly, has been hailed as a major way of reducing the public spend as the shopping spree is now at its end – no matter who eventually wins the mandate of the UK population.”

However he cautioned against a rush to reduce costs, which could lead to poor decisions with disastrous long-term implications.

“It is greater value rather than lower costs that needs to drive procurement decisions, right now.”

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